How to Sign and Accept your Quote

Step 1: Open your email with your Quote and Scroll to the bottom:


Step 2: Click on the Accept Button in Red (or Decline)

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Step 3): Select a Signing option, add your email address and then click on the red Sign and Accept Button:

Sign options

Thats it!

If you have any questions, please text or call Shawn at 404-984-7900. Please note that I am not always available to speak on the phone as I am likely on a scheduled appointment or installation.

The installation schedule changes daily and sometimes more often. Your project cannot be scheduled or reserved until your Quote is accepted, at which time I will provide the next availability, as all appointments are prioritized based on first booking only, and we cannot book your project until it has been quoted and accepted in writing. Please be aware that Quote’s are simply that, a Quoted estimate for the project that is based on the limited information we have from you. Any unforseen issues or situations that are discovered during our scheduled installation date will be discussed with you at that time and a separate or additional line item will be added if you choose to proceed.

For example: If it is discovered that your existing ceiling outlet support is not sufficient to support your new fixture, we will provide you with this new information along with the additional cost for removal, installation and materials to properly install the new fixture.

Any additional items that you would like installed during our visit may be discounted since we are already at your home and will not require a fee to visit your home. For example, if you would like a dimmer installed, the discounted rate is ~50% off what the standard rate it which would generally include travel to & from your home to install just a dimmer, but since we are already there, a discount is applied for you.

**Due to the wide variety of styles, colors, toggle types, LED versions, etc of dimmers, we do not carry these products and you would need to purchase and select what you need in advance and we will install if for you for a fee and invoice you the discounted amount.**

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