Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning

Crystal chandeliers should be cleaned annually or semi-annually – When was yours cleaned last?

We have several processes for cleaning Chandelier Cleaning for crystal, glass and non-crystal chandeliers. Pricing depends on the type, size and location, + ceiling height

Green chandelier

Antique and older chandelier cleaning

older chandeliers are built a bit differently and can be easily destroyed in the incorrect process or cleaning products are used. Simply spraying them with a drip product from the hardware store can very quickly ruin it.

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New Chandeliers

Surprisingly, new chandeliers are not clean and in fact, they are usually covered with residue from the manufacturing process and fingerprints from the packing and shipping department before it arrived at your home.

brass chandelier

Non-crystal Chandeliers

Brass, wood, even plastic chandeliers also get dirty but are not as obvious as their crystal coutnerparts. These chandeliers also need cleaning, but in a completely different manner and approach, as most chemicals will permanently change or even ruin the look and finish of these fixtures.

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Designer Chandeliers

High-end chandeliers with leaded crystal ( instead of glass) by name brands such as Swarovski, Steuben, Waterford, Schonbeck, and others are expensive because of the lead in the crystal, which impart a lot more color and sparkle when illuminated – Dust and grime from a dirty and unclean chandelier will mask this beauty very quickly.

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Large Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers that are approximately 10-12 from the floor
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Non-Crystal Chandeliers

Wiping down chandeliers and removing dust, cobwebs, etc from fixture, and cleaning the glass bowls.
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Oversized Crystal Chandeliers

requiring extra time
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Small Crystal Chandelier

Standard smaller crystal chandeliers in a 10′ ceiling
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