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Impress visitors to your home or business with the first thing they will see when they enter your space— the Chandelier! Do Not underwhelm!

Illuminate your space with expertly installed, intricate chandeliers from Shawn Penoyer in Atlanta.

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In the bustling heart of Atlanta, homeowners and businesses alike face the challenge of finding reliable, professional lighting solutions that do more than just illuminate spaces; they seek to transform their environments into realms of elegance and style. The common problem lies in the complexity of installing sophisticated lighting fixtures like chandeliers. These are not just any ordinary light fixtures; they are intricate pieces of art that require a meticulous touch and specialized knowledge to install. Without the proper expertise, what should be an upgrade to your space can quickly turn into a costly and frustrating endeavor.
Aggravating this issue is the scarcity of specialized services that understand the nuances of chandelier installation. The task is laden with potential pitfalls, from incorrect wiring that leads to operational failures to improper placement that can disrupt the aesthetic harmony of a room. Moreover, the risk of damaging these often expensive and delicate fixtures can deter many from attempting to enhance their spaces, leaving them with lackluster lighting that fails to capture the desired ambiance or functionality.
Our solution addresses these challenges head-on. As Atlanta’s premier chandelier installation service, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of lighting systems, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our professional installers are equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to ensure that every installation is seamless, from selecting the perfect placement to optimizing the lighting for your space. We alleviate the stress and risk associated with such a delicate process, transforming your space with lighting that’s not just installed but thoughtfully integrated into your environment to achieve the ambiance and elegance you’ve envisioned.

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Transform your space with precision installation of intricate and oversized chandeliers by our skilled professionals.

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Custom Design

Leverage over two decades of experience in chandelier installations for flawless and elegant results every time.

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Repair & Maintenance

Specializing in challenging installations, we ensure that even the most intricate chandeliers are flawlessly implemented in your space.

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Our Story

Shawn Penoyer, the founder and driving force behind our esteemed chandelier installation service, embodies the pinnacle of professionalism in the lighting industry. With a career distinguished by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Shawn has cultivated a wealth of experience that spans across a diverse spectrum of clients, from residential homeowners seeking to add a touch of elegance to their living spaces, to commercial entities looking to create an inviting atmosphere for their patrons. His portfolio boasts a wide range of successful projects, including sophisticated lighting solutions for nightclubs that demand an ambiance of excitement and allure, to restaurants where the mood and setting are as crucial as the cuisine served. Shawn’s expertise is not just in the technicalities of installation but in understanding the unique vision of each client, ensuring that every project is a collaborative effort that reflects their individual style and needs. His commitment to quality, paired with an unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction, has established him as a trusted name in Atlanta’s lighting industry, making Shawn Penoyer not just a service provider, but a visionary in creating atmospheres that elevate spaces beyond their potential.

Why Choose Us

We strive to provide unparalleled expertise, unmatched quality, and exceptional customer service to transform your space with stunning chandeliers. S
Shawn Penoyer is renowned for his unwavering commitment to precision and detail in every facet of his work, setting a gold standard in the realm of lighting and electrical installations. His services transcend mere chandelier installations to encompass a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning clients.
Shawn’s meticulous approach is evident in the care and expertise he brings to chandelier cleaning and restoration, where each piece is treated with the reverence it deserves, ensuring that its original beauty and luster are not only preserved but enhanced. His proficiency also extends to the installation of chandelier lifts, a service that epitomizes convenience and functionality, allowing for easy maintenance and adjustment of these exquisite fixtures.
But Shawn’s expertise does not end there. Recognizing the importance of holistic lighting solutions, he offers a wide range of electrical installations that are crucial for creating the perfect ambiance and functionality in any space. This includes the installation of dimmers that allow for the seamless adjustment of lighting levels, creating the perfect mood for any occasion. Furthermore, his ability to relocate outlets and switches, as well as install wall sconces, adds layers of convenience and aesthetic appeal to any project.
Perhaps most impressive is Shawn’s capability to innovate and adapt to the unique needs of his clients, including installing fixtures in new walls where none previously existed. This particular service highlights his skill in not just following existing architectural and electrical blueprints but also in creating new possibilities for lighting in spaces that were once overlooked.
Shawn Penoyer’s dedication to professionalism, precision, and detail in every project—be it installation, restoration, or complex electrical work—ensures that every space is not only illuminated but transformed into a masterpiece of light and design.

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Professional Precision

Our fully insured service focuses on professionalism and precision, guaranteeing flawless chandelier installations.

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Elegance and Illumination

Experience expertise in bringing elegance and illumination to your space through stunning chandeliers with our specialized services.

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